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Brooklyn Spine & Arthritis Center
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Brooklyn, NY 11215
P: (718) 833-7246, (718) 833-4200
F: (718) 504-6055, (718) 833-0033 
Staten Island Location
212 Garretson Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10305
P: (718) 833-7246, (718) 833-4200
F: (718) 504-6055, (718) 833-0033 
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Employment Opportunity
Pain Physicians Association, PLLC located in Brooklyn, NY 
is seeking a Medical Researcher with a Doctor of Medicine Degree (U.S. or foreign degree acceptable) 
and 4 yrs. exp. 
Fax resume to Dr. Hedayatnia at 718-833-0033

1.      Screening patients with chronic pain.
2.      Identify patients by reviewing their medical records suffering from peripheral neuropathy and fibromyalgia.
3.      Organizing a detailed step by step research program
4.      Study and analyze the results of afrodisiace naturale nerve, muscle and skin biopsy.
5.      Study and analyze the results of blood samples of the patients for testing for the IL-B28 using the 
         RFLP-PCR method as well as measuring the TNF & IL-10 with a sequencer machine which is a ASI3130 genetic analysis.
6.      Confer with surgeons and physicians in determining saltele cluj the results or action to be taken for the research.
7.      Write and submit the research results for scientific magazines and conferences after comparing the data with 
         existing information specifically the study of IL-28 to consider polymorphism of RS 12979860 (C spot 
         to T spot) and the polymorphism in IL-10 as well as TNF-alfa.
8.      Use SPSS software for trading cryptocurrency statistical analyses as well as T-chisquare and Mann-Whitney U test.

U.S. Citizens and Green Card Holders only please